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"On waste and wild boar ..." Disaster on TV - in tempo

“On waste and wild boar …” Disaster on TV – in tempo

Kiata Oriccio

Wild boars and garbage: Virginia accuses Rocky and journalist Alessandra Sardoni knocked it down on “Omnibus”, LA7, Wednesday 22 September morning speech. During the interview, the mayor of Rome, considering the final urgency of the executive election in mid-October, defends her 5 years at the helm of the capital and says of her victories: I am one. We have cleaners who do this work, and nothing else. The cleaners were not found because they went between 100 and pensions, they would collect the waste again, we have new bins.

Presenter Sardoni suspects: “So we’ll see the street cleaners again, but where does this waste take them?” Rocky throws the ball again on the ground in the Lacio region, led by Nicola Zingaretti (PD): “It’s a matter of regional talent. The regions need to guarantee the plant network. Logio has two landscapes: Viterbo and Civadavecia will close in a few weeks. In Lombardy, on the other hand, they have. Not only in Rome, but also in the cities of Latina, Artia, Ponsa, and Anzio, the mayors do not know where to dispose of the rubbish. To Gingerbread … “Virginia Rocky stumbles upon her maid: Reconciling Ama’s accounts with false financial statements for 13 years:” Not everyone in front of me noticed and laid hands “.

However, the presenter reports to the mayor about the realities of everyday life and puts her in a tight spot: “The question of wild boar is not a trivial matter. Life lived. When I got here in a taxi this morning, the taxi driver complained that he had met a herd of wild boars, and he was worried. His strategy seems to be to say: this is the fault of the region, we complained about the wild boar, but the real problem is that the problem of wild boar like waste does not solve them right now with this region. ? “. Rocky recalled that the wild boars were aggressive against a woman who did not walk in the rookie.

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However, the mayor goes straight: even the wild boars are a regional problem and the Cingaretti-led company does not want to sign the protocol proposed by the municipality to solve the disaster. Alessandra Sardoni was not satisfied with the response and nailed her: “So are you telling us that your action on the region has been weak in recent years?” The mayor also denies allegations that he did not present BNRR’s European funding plans, and describes himself as the mayor who expelled 3 million Romanians from the plague, certified them “standard & poor” and restored accounts. Ama, the fault lies in transportation and waste in the region.