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A restaurant owner is chasing them

A restaurant owner is chasing them

the case – As reported by the American media, on September 10, the couple indulged in a dinner with friends after a long time. The little boy was at home with his grandmother. “Living in a pandemic, being isolated and away from others is a huge problem for our mental and social health,” Natalie explained, adding that due to her son’s illness, the few times she and her husband go out are always very careful — despite receiving a vaccination — and taking all necessary precautions. To avoid infection, such as wearing a mask. Natalie added: “Cystic fibrosis is a very serious genetic disease, if my son gets Covid, he will be taken to the hospital. For this, we always wear the protective device.”

Reconstruction – And so it was the day of dinner. As Natalie said on Facebook, when the restaurateur noticed that she and her husband were wearing masks, he sent a waitress to their table, who said, “Our boss doesn’t believe in a mask, he’s tired of being told. What is he doing? With politics. So you have to remove it.” Natalie tried to explain the situation, to tell us about her son’s illness, but there was no way. Instead, she and her husband were asked to leave the venue.

said Natalie, who later admitted that he no longer intended to go outside for dinner. Women do not want to take legal action. However, he wanted to tell the story to share his experience and “encourage the place owner to re-evaluate their policies”.