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On June 6, 1933, the first cinema in history was born

at Metropolitan Today Today we remember a very important event: the birth of the first engine in cinema in history. The June 6, 1933, at United States of AmericaAnd the Richard Hollingshead Jr. He has a great idea.

For starters, built-in cinema is a form of entertainment that has become very popular in American culture 60 seconds. She was born in United States of AmericaBut it quickly became popular all over the world. It’s actually an outdoor show, where you’re watching the movie in the car, in the parking lot, by projecting onto a big screen. But the inventor of the drive started right from the plinth: a large open space, a cloth for showing the movie, and a chair to sit on. Literally, an open air cinema.

How was the first leadership in cinema born

one of Richard Hollingshead It was a great idea, but he made several attempts before the formula was officially patented. In fact, he experimented with the first projections with a projector 128 Kodak, Send the film on a tarpaulin attached to two trees. in may of 1933 He patented the idea, and in a very short time he already had three “clubs” across the country. with the famous baby boom After that, the idea of ​​low-cost entertainment quickly died out. In fact, it was ideal not only for families, but also for all those who did not appreciate the company of children, perhaps noisy, who were comfortable in the family car.

The opening slogan was: “Welcome to the whole family, no matter how loud your children are.” In addition, mainly B-series films were shown, and there was a playground and refreshment point. And if this works for families, it’s even better for those who want privacy. The population has dwindled in the United States and the rest of the world. The advent of broadcasting has obviously made watching the movie more comfortable and easy. Of the five thousand in the half the sixties, at United States of America Today only four hundred remain, although they have never lost their charm.

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