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A YouTuber just revealed the first episode of the American series Sailor Moon

A YouTuber just revealed the first episode of the American series Sailor Moon

The decade-long search for the American version of sailor moon It has finally come to an end. Ray Mona, YouTube Who Documents Their Efforts to Find Lost Media (Including unpublished I mean girls Game), from the reveal of the pilot episode of the unfinished endless series that took place sailor moon The fan base became known as Saban Mon.

The American History sailor moon It begins in 1993, about two years before the appearance of the dubbed Sailor the moon We know it today. At the time, the animation studio Toon Makers was partnering with Renaissance Atlantic Entertainment, the producers behind the original. power RangersYou are trying to create an English version of the series. The two companies offered a project that mixed live action with animation that eventually didn’t take off. We just got a taste of what came out of the project in a nutshell Music video shown in animation conference in the nineties.

But now we have the first episode complete. in two parts (part One | The second partIts events developed over several months, and Mona saw the details of her journey to be revealed Saban Mon. with help Kotaku Journalist Cecilia Danstasio Chi Try to find the long lost link in 2018He obtained permission from Frank Ward, the former president of the Bandai Corporation of America, to obtain a copy of the footage from the Library of Congress which he included in his video.

The pilot starts at 1:43:48 In the second installment of the Ray Mona series, it’s amazing to finally have your eyes on the series that was never made. The episode splits its time between animated and live-action formats, with Sailor Scout, and even Luna, playing a real-life actress while on Earth. During the space sequence, the show transforms into an animated version that replaces the original star-studded look sailor moonCharacters for something you see in a classic Disney movie.

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It’s a completely different experience from the chain and I must say it was well worth the wait.