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Olympics, McLaughlin gold, world record in 400 hurdles

Olympics, McLaughlin gold, world record in 400 hurdles

It’s an all-American race: outgoing champion Muhammed was defeated despite the fact that she also slipped the world record, now set at 51“ 46. The bronze is also strong, Dutchman Paul

From our correspondent Valerio Piconi

400 more obstacles to shout about, still a world record that was overshadowed rather than defeated. Sidney McLaughlin outpaced defending champion Dalila Muhammad at 51″46, removing 44 cents from the previous limit she had set this season. The match is a very hot American derby in which Muhammad tries to intimidate her partner with a full start. But McLaughlin is still afloat and in The final beats his companion who is also well below the world record, stopping at 51 inches 58. Dutchman Fimke Paul is also very strong, finishing third with 52 inches 03 of the new European record, only succumbing in the final of the frenetic final McLaughlin. Not only the world record, it’s the fastest women’s 400 hurdles ever even as a podium complex as it happened among the men only 24 hours ago.This is the third world record to be obtained at the new National Stadium in Tokyo after Venezuelan Yulimar Rojas in the triple (15.67) and Norway’s Karsten Warholm in the 400 hurdles (45″ 94).

D. Mullen

Paulo Dal Mullen did not succeed. His fourth place at 13″40 wasn’t enough to repeat the blue in 110 obstacles. In his semi-finals, Japanese home idol Taio Kanai drops, who anyway gets up and wraps up the audition to honor his participation in the Games. Best time here is Grant Holloway, The favorite for the gold medal.In the decathlon, Canadian Damian Warner got off to a great start, first hitting the 100 in 10 in 12, then setting the Olympic record for the long jump for the multi-event with 8.24. In the heptathlon, the top 100 hurdles was American Kendall Williams with 12″ 97. Overall, there’s an effort to get the US back on the track as well: in the overall medal table, however, China still has an important advantage with seven more gold medals (32 vs. 25).

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