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Not only football, but even “small” sports are worth the stage

Perhaps there is no greater passion, a passion capable of uniting so many people in the world as sport. Doing physical activity not only for personal pleasure but above all by comparing yourself to others, and competing on a professional level, has very ancient origins.

Without getting to the times of ancient Rome and its legendary games or those of ancient Greece with its first Olympics, everyone remembers the famous phrase of Pierre de Coubertin: “The important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to participate.” Who knows whether the founder of the modern Olympic Games, the person who succeeded in giving them life in Athens in 1896, ever imagined that the spirit that drives us to compete in a field or a sport, whatever it may be, would have set us apart. age. It is clear that the sports to be practiced or have a passion to choose from are almost unlimited, and somehow satisfy the aspirations and desires of anyone who loves them.

However, especially in the past few decades, it has gradually become the norm to classify every sport in the “disliked” classification, between “major” and “minor” sports. Thus sport has been included in one bowl or another according to the following, to the number of fans who follow it avidly personally in the sports structure, and who follow it from home by subscribing to various pay-TV subscriptions, from those who buy commercial goods or on the basis of media coverage that is given for them. All this, of course, is very relative based on the culture, history, and traditions of each nation.

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A sport that explodes in the hearts of fans in the USA or India may not have the same effect on sports fans in Italy and many other countries. Referring to our beloved Italian land, one cannot but admit that if the term “sport” is mentioned, then in 99% of cases the first word with which it is immediately associated is “football”. This is due to the ancient football traditions of our country, the undeniable inherent beauty of this sport, the historical memory now associated with many real personalities and legends that made him love, as well as to the excessive exposure to the impressive media he is exposed to..

But there is also a renewed fact now that cannot be denied and cannot be hidden: there are many other sports that have always been considered “secondary” and which are literally growing, manifesting themselves more and more, gaining more and more members and practitioners and gaining more members and practitioners. An ever-increasing segment of national visibility with highly prestigious tournaments and tournaments. Yes, it can be said that in Italy you no longer live on football alone.

Basketball: a new era?

The number one sport that definitely deserves a mention is basketball (or basketball). The data clearly indicates that Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, attracts millions of fans around the world to the gyms who love to see their heroes perform feats of getting a ball into the basket as many times as possible. Even in Italy, although it has always been considered secondary, it is receiving increasing attention and appreciation. This is evidenced above all by the special interest shown by television broadcasters, in which matches for the championship or the national team, too, generate a certain economic transformation. It is estimated that every year 10 million people are passionate about it, follow it and practice it in Italy. This has obviously caught the nose of the various TVs and sponsors who make around 75ml of Euro each year. Only the TV rights of the matches amount to about 2.5 million euros per year. Obviously, it will also be important from a point of view Professional player salaries to improve. Comparison with football is not at all possible today.

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volleyball magic

If, thanks to the NBA also, basketball was able to reach the general public, then in our country volleyball has always had success but in alternating stages. The past few years, especially thanks to the impressive results of the national teams, both men and women, have been a huge attraction especially for the younger generations. You will never hit the football numbers but you can still live stream on public TV In prime time it is already a great success.