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No more than 3000 for each batch

No more than 3000 for each batch

Paying cash into your checking account is a fairly common practice but not always a legitimate practice.

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our money Cash on the current account. Something that usually happens without asking too many questions. Let’s talk about the extra money, maybe the winnings, let’s talk about the money that has arrived for those who know what kind of it MovingClearly, it remains within the bounds of legality. But that doesn’t always mean acting the right way. In principle, the rule of respect She always and in any case expects that there might be an explanation.

In simple terms the important thing is that that money can be traced one way or another. It is not illegal to transfer your money to a checking account in our name, it may cause complications, however, Transfer The funds cannot be credited to our checking account. All this could indicate a case of tax evasion. to an unclear state on the basis of itrevenue agency In a short time he will run to investigate, that’s all.

Cash on the current account, more or less limits allowed

There is no one threshold Of course, the responsible agencies can start monitoring after him. There is no cash limit that you cannot officially pay into your checking account. over there guiding rules, unofficial so to speak, but nothing has been officially approved. We are talking about 3000 euros for cash and 10 miles for other types of payments. Beyond this limit, more significant examinations can be performed.

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the thing ImportantAs far as you can tell, and as far as you can count is making sure that you can provide traceability to the money you pay. Failure to do so may result in serious risks. the premium Cash in your checking account as stated is not a crime or in any way something that violates the law. There are unwritten rules but in any case they are well or badly recognized which imposes certain limits, not to slide to in controls or allegations of tax evasion. The important thing is to follow those little rules, keeping track of our money is the only important thing forrevenue agency.

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