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No candlelight vigil at Diomo, police ring - Chronicles

No candlelight vigil at Diomo, police ring – Chronicles

Milan, 25 September 2021 – no Wax-free procession, Departing Piazza Fontana at 5.50pm, He broke through the police and carabiner garden through the martini and headed towards the Piazza Diomo, Where Georgia Maloney’s election rally. There are front rows of protesters Pushed against stopping agents in riot gear And they went very close after a minute of confrontation.

Then, a few hundred meters from the Piazza Diomo, any wax was stopped in the corner via a palazzo reel blocked by police with helmets and shields. The area is occupied by armored vehicles, which completely cover the road. “Freedom, Freedom”, Shout out to those who refuse. Initially it was thought that the procession had moved towards Largo Augusto, but suddenly the protesters shouted “Dio, Dio” and then left en masse.

A boy in a moped was surrounded and assaulted From a group without Vox Via Case Road. In all likelihood, he said something to some protesters and in a few seconds he was actually surrounded: someone slapped him on the helmet; Others, though taking him badly, made it difficult for him to escape quickly.

The procession went inside Via competition, After initially deviating from the route provided via Manzoni. A small group was also completed Enter the gallery, But then Carabiner’s deployment at the entrance on the side of the Piazza Scala prevented other participants from entering the living room. The protesters then returned Through San Pietro Al’Ardo, Corso Vittorio traveled to Emanuel and from there to San Pablo. Then return immediately Towards Diomo. The strategy seems to be to divert police stops and continue to roam the streets of the center, constantly changing course.

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After the tripOr via the Torino and Corso de Borde d’Ivoire, No Wax stopped in the corner between Violin Gian Caliasso and Piazza XXIV Magio. Traffic congestion throughout the neighborhood. Protesters also blocked the Eselunga truck: the driver blew the horn in unison, sparking the excitement of the procession.