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Legislative Decree 127, Green Traffic Commitment, Union Consensus: Workers' wages are abolished

Legislative Decree 127, Green Traffic Commitment, Union Consensus: Workers’ wages are abolished


The masterpiece of Mario Draghi and the clowns around him (Unions in the lead, editor). of urgent decree – It’s DL 127 – which works to “maintain public health” The demise of the suspension from work and the suspension of the salary. Therefore, to punish them of their own free will, employers can force workers to work for free until 12/31. (I read here)

But if Confindustria wants to find free workers, they can tell us. I now have €20 in my wallet, if Confindustria needs you to reach out, hand over your hat which God forbid I don’t contribute. He can ask for a free contribution to the work.

Oh, by the way: What about safe environments? Can the non-suspended Green Corridor workers who will have to work without pay now go to work and put no one at risk? I thought I understood that they were murderous terrorists who would kill grandparents. I misunderstood? They are clowns and clowns are convinced From this gang of fugitives.

It is clear that fascist coercion does no good. They realized in a few days that they would have to suspend tens or hundreds of thousands of workers and companies would be paralyzed, so they found a way to politically punish dissent and ensure that companies worked for free until 12/31.

Now what are they going to do with the security fanatics? Those workers who were willing to throw the club at their colleagues and fight with them on the green fairway? Do they know we value everything and will have to work with their colleagues without the green pass? Do they feel safe? Or is it enough for their colleagues to be punished with withholding their paychecks to be relieved that they brought something home?

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Damn clowns. It should be a tragedy and instead make you laugh more and more with each passing day. Another confirmation that in all of this history, health and safety, and even health, has nothing to do with it. It is necessary to strike at the opposition that undermines the power of governments.