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No alarm for school, professors.  Found very young people

No alarm for school, professors. Found very young people

New data Vaccines Make sure Green bass This is a necessary step decided by the government for school and university staff. Last week there were only 2,735 new administrations in the field and 14.87% of teachers and school administrative staff are still without any dose. The No wax There are 217,870 students in the school world. Too much. “We hope the situation will change in September, thanks to the introduction of the Green Pass,” a senior government source said. But it is a warning to unvaccinated students, considering the reopening of the school year “must visit” Mario Draghi. In recent days children have been in a hurry to get vaccinated Green bass45% of children between the ages of 16 and 19 are without the first dose, and this number rises to 76% for students between the ages of 12 and 15. That means one in 4 students under the age of 15 is not vaccinated.

Green Boss, 217,000 professors have not yet been vaccinated. Ira principals: Fines? We need more resources now. “


But let’s look at the details of the data. According to the report of the Special Commissioner Francesco Figulolo, Among school staff, in fact, 217,870 subjects have not received even a single dose of the vaccine to date: 14.87%. Last week it was 220,605. So this increase is very small, but only last Thursday the government introduced the Green Pass in the school world considering that it will be recovered in September. In five regions and autonomous provinces, the waiting time for teachers, secretaries, and cleaners for the first dose or single dose exceeded 30%. It reaches 42.64%, especially in the autonomous province of Sicily Bolzano 37.4%, Liguria Al 34.75%, La Sardinia 33.11 and l Calabria At 30.96. Among health workers, the percentage of those who are not vaccinated is 1.95%. According to students, 1,061,931 people aged 16-19 have not yet taken the first dose of the vaccine, which equates to 45.73%. 1,772,480 boys, aged 12 to 15 years, 76.88%, did not even receive a single vaccine. On the other hand, the vaccination campaign is very fast for the entire population: an average of 473 thousand doses were injected last week, compared to a total of 3,316,075 in the previous week. Since the beginning of the campaign, more than 71 million (71,071,465) vaccines have been administered, despite data from the region Logio, Victim of hacker attack, somewhat detected and still being acquired. However, those over 50 without any dose still equate to 2,257,514, 23.39%. Those over 60 were 1,212,413, 16.05% unvaccinated and the first dose was 657,727 over 70 (10.93%) and 298,591 over 80 (6.56%). Areas that need to be vaccinated as much as possible are vulnerable, so there is a risk of ending up in intensive care.

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Green Pass, Anger of those rescued from the temple: They have the code but the certificate cannot be downloaded

Abandoned rule

It should be noted that the government has considered the possibility of introducing Green Pass for students aged 16 and above after the decision on Green Pass for University students in the last Cabinet. But, teaching was rejected because the demand for QR code would be contrary to the right to study in a field where the birth rate is rising, according to School Education Minister Patricio Pianci. The order on the Green Pass, through the Figliulo Commissioner Framework, set aside $ 100 million to allow “screening of the school population” and “timely payment of replacement staff called to replace unreasonably absent employees”. Employees who are unfairly absent for 5 days due to denial of Green Pass will be without pay. Against this action the leaders lined up and if they did not make the checks they would be fined from four hundred to one thousand euros (subject to changes in the order). The unions also protested. “We call for a speedy change in the rules governing the issuance of sanctions on principals: they cannot become health inspectors,” said CISL Secretary Scola Madeleine Kissi. And Togia Certori of CGIL: “It is unacceptable to insert that those who are not vaccinated without pay will be suspended.”

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