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Nintendo vs.  Yuzu: The 3DS Citra emulator has also been shut down

Nintendo vs. Yuzu: The 3DS Citra emulator has also been shut down

As a result of the agreement reached Yuzu Emulator will be closed and Tropic Haze will pay a fee Compensation for Nintendothe news also arrives Close Citra emulatorfocused on Nintendo 3DS.

As we saw, after the lawsuit threatened by Nintendo, the Tropic Haze team found themselves in need negotiate To avoid getting into a battle that is difficult to win and very expensive anyway.

The agreement stipulates the closure of Yuzu, the Nintendo Switch emulator, as well as the payment of $2.4 million in compensation to Nintendo, but as a further consequence there is also the closure of the Citra emulator, which focuses on the Nintendo 3DS.

Citra has also been removed

If the question was not clear before, it certainly is now: if we focus on what was Official website Dedicated to the Citra project, you will receive a message informing you that the project has been completely closed.

In essence, it is a message consistent with the one previously published by Bunnei, one of the main managers of the projects associated with Yuzu and Citra, on the official Discord of the Nintendo Switch emulator, but in this case reported in a general way.

The letter explains that the team has always been against piracy and that the projects were started “in good faith”, driven by the passion for Nintendo and its consoles and without the intention of causing harm to the company, but somehow they ended up creating it, and above all because of a violation of some protection measures established by Nintendo. on their consoles.

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As a result, Citra, one of the most popular Nintendo 3DS emulators, is too It was launched in 2014has been officially closed by the developers.