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Ukraine, a new reshuffle in the military leadership: what is happening?

Ukraine, a new reshuffle in the military leadership: what is happening?

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky dismissed Dmytro Herha from the post of commander of the Ukrainian support forcesTo be replaced by Oleksandr Yakovets. This appointment comes within the framework of Zelensky's reshuffle of the Ukrainian military leadership, which included the dismissal of the Supreme Military Commander Valery Zalozny.

Support forces in Ukraine are One of the country's main military formations, responsible for operational support of the forces. This includes technical support, electronic warfare, chemical and biological protection, topographical and hydrometeorological support.

Zelensky announced several high-level military appointments in early February, including commanders of the ground forces, territorial defense forces, joint forces and airborne assault forces.

Three days ago, brigade commanders changed: “The actions of some threaten the lives of soldiers.”

Just three days ago, Commander-in-Chief of Ukrainian forces Oleksandr Sirsky said he had to make “personal decisions” regarding some brigade commanders on the Eastern Front whose actions “threaten the life and health” of his soldiers. “I continue to work on the Eastern Front. Within three days it became completely clear why… some brigades were able to repel enemy attacks and maintain their positions, while others were unable to do so,” Sirsky said via Telegram.

He stressed, “The matter depends first and foremost on the brigade commander, his training, experience, and ability to make appropriate and balanced decisions.” Sersky replaced Valery Zalozny as Commander-in-Chief on 8 February.

Ukraine has faced increasing challenges on the battlefield in recent months, with US military aid still blocked and Russia increasing pressure on the front.

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