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Nightmare Kitchens USA March 8, in brew, local history, managers

Nightmare Kitchens USA March 8, in brew, local history, managers

Friday, March 8, day at presentThe third episode of the eighth edition of Nightmare Kitchens USA. The programme, which can be seen from 9.20pm, is hosted by Gordon Ramsay.

Nightmare Kitchens USA March 8 in Drink

Nightmare Kitchens USA March 8, The protagonist is a drinks restaurant

Eighth edition of Nightmare Kitchens USA It is the original production by Fox Alternative Entertainment, All3Media International H Ramsay International Studio. The host goes, on different dates, to some places experiencing crises States united.

Upon entering the restaurant for the first time, Ramsay evaluates the menu, décor and cuisine, and tastes some of the recipes suggested by the chef. Next, analyze the organization of in-service work. Eventually, the host makes changes to the space, whether in the furnishings or the menu. Finally, he ran the business for a day and gave valuable advice to the workers.

The featured restaurant in Nightmare Kitchens USA It is called March 8th In the drink It is located in New Jersey.

Who are the producers and history of the restaurant

The restaurant In the drinkin the middle Hell's Kitchen Dated March 8, managed by Jorge H Solange. He's Mexican and she's Argentinian and they've been a couple for about twenty years.

Jorge H Solange They took over the restaurant in 2017, and the location is definitely the strong point of the business. In fact, the building is located just a short distance from one of the most popular golf courses in the United States.

despite this, In the drink He has big problems. There are two aspects that attract the most criticism from both customers and… Gordon Ramsay. The first is the interior decoration, and the second is the poor quality of the kitchen. As a result, there are fewer and fewer customers, with inevitable repercussions on accounts.

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Nightmare Kitchens USA March 8 Restaurant HistoryNightmare Kitchens USA March 8 Restaurant History

Nightmare Kitchens USA On March 8, Jorge applied for a loan to avoid bankruptcy

On the March 8 episode of Nightmare Kitchens USAOn air at present e in the flow of su Discover+owner Jorge Tells: “I had to take out a loan and have my credit card blocked. My wife knows about the loan, but she does not know the amount.”.

However, employees complain about excessive chaos. In fact, there is no head chef in the kitchen to manage orders. But in the room, Jorge He is very absent. Speaking of waitresses Nadia H Sam They have clear ideas: “He is a good person, but he cannot be a leader. Often he does not know what is happening in the restaurant because he is almost never there and delegates his tasks to us“.