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The 39-year-old is a scientist and theater actor

The 39-year-old is a scientist and theater actor

Surveillance cameras recorded the pharmacist approaching the girl’s house moments after her mother. CassandraHe went out on a mission.

Maria Jose She was getting ready to go to school when Curtis raped and killed her with a knife. Cassandra came home and saw the man She leaves her daughter's room.

Miguel Cortés, the chemist suspected of killing 20 women, was arrested in Mexico

At that point the chemist He also hit his mother with a knifeAnd the face and the back.

Controlled by neighbors

Miguel Cortes And try to escape, But the neighbors stopped himWho beat him and detained him until the police arrived.

the Prosecutor of Mexico City She searched the apartment of the 39-year-old chemist, who lived in the same building as the dead teenager, and discovered Seven human skullsAnd other remains and identity cards. Several saws were also seized Chemicals.

The alleged one serial killer He works at a local hospital and is an avid traveler. He is fluent in three languages ​​and is also an A Theater actor.

On social media, the Daily Mail reported, he often wrote about her Protecting women's rights And animals.

A neighbour, who spoke on condition of anonymity to the N Más news channel, expressed concern Miguel Cortes She may be involved in the disappearance of her friend who once lived in her house. The woman's disappearance dates back to 2015.

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According to local media, 39enne He probably killed at least 20 women.