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Nicolo Omaniti returns with a new TV series

Nicolo Omaniti returns with a new TV series

Secrets, wonders, and horrors of the Empty World ISicily is as big as an entire continent, to try to escape from it, beyond the sea, in the hope of a new world, they finally reveal themselves from Tomorrow, when All episodes From the Sky Original series by Nicolo Omaniti Will be available On request su Sky e in streamed su NOW In addition to his debut also on Sky Atlantic, which will suggest two episodes of the series every Friday from 9:15 PM for three weeks.

From his novel of the same name (published by my eyes) is Omani, I, Is the miserable tale of a ruined world: an adult fairy tale that tells of the amazing journey that a very young protagonist will have to take among the ruins of a civilization that was, “the first”, in search of a potential future herself and for the little brother.

I It is Premio Strega’s second television project for Like God commands, Again with Sky after a success the miracle. Omanity is the creator and director of the series, and he also signs a script with Francesca Mannieri (The first king, the miracle, we are who we are). The series is produced by Mario Gianani and Lorenzo Mieli with Lorenzo Gangarossa for Wildside, a subsidiary of Fremantle Group, in co-productions with ARTE France, The New Life Company and Kwaï.

In the cast of a newcomer Julia Dragotto (14 years old, from Palermo, chosen from over two thousand candidates) is stubborn and brave Anna, who sets out in search of her kidnapped brother, Astor – who plays him. Alessandro Picorella (9 years old, and it was his first TV appearance as well). Anna has as her mentor the notebook her mother left for her (played before Elena Letty – The Miracle, three floors) with instructions to do so, task book. Day after day, he discovers that the rules of the past are no longer valid, so he will have to invent new ones.

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The cast also includes rookies Clara Tramontano e Giovanni Mavilla, As the evil Angelica, the Queen of the Blues, and Pietro, the boy Anna will love, and Roberta Matte (At the speed of the windAnd the First birthday) Which will be in the series “La Picciridduna”.

ANNA – From April 23, all episodes are immediately available on Sky and NOW. And every Friday on Sky Atlantic, which will host two episodes of the series for three weeks, from 9:15 pm