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Returnal is playing on PS5 live today on Twitch, along with the Earth Day initiative -

Returnal is playing on PS5 live today on Twitch, along with the Earth Day initiative –

ReturnThe new, exclusive PS5, protagonist will be Live today All 11:00 On the Twitch channel from Multiplayer.itIn which the interesting Housemarque game will be played by Francesco and Pierpaolo.

The game in question is a kind of strange title: it’s one Third-person shooter With a sci-fi setting set on a Elmarog-like structure, with the frequent hero deaths being part of the game loop, which is replayed continuously but is always different, and reveals new things.

The building is interesting and appears to be Housemarque’s new address for PS5 You make it great, considering also what has emerged from the new return experience that Francesco posted in these hours. Moreover, it is a game that has a mixed atmosphere Between science fiction and horror, So we can’t wait to see the live reactions of the duo of Francesco and Pierpaolo, people with elements of this type previously shown absolutely amazing rashes and reactions.

Returnal is a roguelike third-person shooter with sci-fi and horror elements

The a program Today on’s Twitch channel is very rich: we start 10:00 with the classic Coffee break, Then continues straight at 11:00, practically without interruption, on the spot with Live play From return, so the morning will be full of energy.

Moreover, today is going onEarth dayOr Earth Day 2021, on this occasion, we propose the environmental initiative that we launched for Climate Positive Week: We’ll Use Ecologists platform for every Transfer of subscriptions received to planted trees, Which will also make you champions of a beautiful initiative to support the environment. On April 23, 2021, we will convert all subscriptions to our Twitch channel into remotely planted trees in a reforestation project around the world, where we plant 10 trees per subscription and 20 per subscription granted to another user.

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