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Doctor punches 82-year-old patient during surgery in China: Hospital apologizes

Doctor punches 82-year-old patient during surgery in China: Hospital apologizes

Over a surgeryin a hospital Chinesethe surgeon will have Punches The patient who was having the operation. What happened, captured by the hospital's internal cameras, went viral on the Internet, leading to the doctor's suspension and the facility's apology to the family. For an 82 year old woman Under the knife at the time, for which he also received (meager) compensation.

Punched in the face of a patient during surgery

One of the most controversial aspects of the Internet, as we know, is that what ends up on the Internet rarely makes it out. So it can happen that the episode becomes captured by the camera After viral yearsThis does not mean that it has less impact on users.

This is what happened in China, where he took a video Hospital internal cameras in 2019 It recently went viral, sparking outrage online and prompting officials to file a complaint of their own.

A still from the video shows a surgeon who, while performing surgery in China, repeatedly punched an 82-year-old patient while performing the procedure.

In the video, you can see a doctor from Guigang Hospital, China, criticizing Three punches to the face of an 82-year-old patient Who was undergoing eye surgery at the time. The episode, despite the years that have passed, has gone viral on Chinese social media.

Hospital clarifications

The publication of the video caused an uproar, and the company that runs the hospital where the incident occurred, Air China, announced that it had The surgeon was suspended and the CEO fired From the structure.

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Air China, which runs a chain of eye hospitals, also explained that the patient, an 82-year-old woman, “due to local anesthesia, developed intolerance during the operation and He didn't stop moving“.

The company also stated that in addition to repeatedly moving her head and eyeballs during surgery, the woman, who spoke only a local dialect, He did not respond to the doctor's instructionsvoiced several times in Mandarin.

Apology and compensation

However, the company confirmed that the surgeon “treated the patient harshly,” in advance His apology to the woman's familyThe patient's son also confirmed this.

As reported He pressesThe woman's son, who spoke about the incident with some local newspapers, confirmed that he had received an apology from the hospital Compensation 500 yuanequivalent to just over 60 euros.

The man would say that too now The mother is blind in her left eyehe himself would have been repeatedly beaten by the surgeon, but it has not been confirmed whether this circumstance was due to the doctor's behavior.

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