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Hacks to take amazing Christmas tree photos: All you need is a mobile phone and one click

Hacks to take amazing Christmas tree photos: All you need is a mobile phone and one click

The Christmas tree photo shoot is one of the new traditions that is becoming increasingly popular, but how can you take beautiful photos without professional equipment?

Have you also built a Christmas tree and maybe even a nativity scene and would like to Share with friends and relatives, Or with those who follow you on your social media profile, a beautiful picture of your wonderful design work.

Take great photos of your Christmas tree, and you don't need an iPhone Pro! -The idea of ​​a computer

But you either see the tree or you see the lights, and either way you can't get the photo you really want. Get a good cell phone It's a starting point for getting top-quality photos and videos, but in reality you don't really need a top-of-the-line device to take beautiful photos of your Christmas tree. What you need to do is Learn how to manage light What you have available or what you can manage in the room where you put the Christmas decorations. So let's see how to do it Shoot like a pro Even for a mid-range smartphone.

Christmas tree pictures, tricks of the trade

The fact that there are now many smartphones capable of taking photos at a higher resolution than in the past and with effects reminiscent of what a professional camera is capable of, may lead many to believe that To take a good photo Just frame and press a button. This way you can get really good photos but they will be The fruit of chance.

How to take beautiful pictures of a Christmas tree
Trivial Christmas tree pictures? Try like this! -The idea of ​​a computer

By playing with a Christmas tree, you can instead spend some time learning how to do it Take photos with intent And not hoping that something will come out. If your device is able to enable you to shoot by choosing exposure time, aperture, focus and ISO, you can work as if you had a camera in your hands. To take a photo of a Christmas tree, for example, highlight the lights you need Reduce the amount of ambient light received by the sensor, which means you have to work with a lower ISO sensitivity.

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However, your smartphone may not be equipped with it Image stabilization So if you want a clear image in low light you will have to Lean on some surface To counteract the vibration caused by holding a smartphone in your hand. With some experimentation, you'll have the Christmas tree pictures you're looking for. But what can you do if your phone doesn't allow you to change settings manually?

Take advantage of preset modes. If no clear image comes out, I embrace the idea of ​​creating a very artistic image Light trail effect: Searches for the mode in which the smartphone is shooting very long time, Which allows you to move your smartphone to capture the tree lights but as if they were moving. The tree itself may not be visible (but it couldn't have been seen anyway, right?) but you'll definitely have a photo no one else has.