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New trams have arrived in Milan

New trams have arrived in Milan

New trams have arrived in Milan. On Wednesday, November 30, some citizens immortalized the first vehicle of the brand new ATM car as it was being transported by road to the transport company’s warehouse in Milan via Teodosio. New arrivals – 7201 – have been announced for some time.

It was introduced in preview On the occasion of Expo Ferroviaria 2021, an exhibition of the entire sector. Atm and Stadler Valencia have “revealed” the Tramlink prototype, the futuristic vehicle that will renew the tram fleet in ATM. The first model was expected to be delivered by 2022 and, after the necessary and usual testing period, will enter service in the spring of 2023. The tender for the supply of trams was awarded to Stadler Valencia, and provides for the delivery of 80 vehicles, of which 50 are for urban service and 30 for intercity service, With a total investment of 172.6 million euros.

New trams: screens, cameras and more security

These are technologically advanced vehicles, with real-time information navigation and video surveillance systems. They will gradually replace the older trams, with the exception of the 125 Karelian, the historical symbols of Milan. Among the innovations, 4 screens will be installed in these connected carriages, each of which will display an indication of stations and the route, and general information on the state of navigation in the city. In addition, 10 indoor cameras, including along the entire corridor, will be connected to a central Atm Security Center to ensure continuous supervision and thus more safety for all occupants.

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The vehicles will be 25 meters long, with 66 seats available and bi-directional, to allow reversing if required and to improve the newly built tram stop. They are equipped with so-called “pivoting” carriages, which allow better management of curves and reduced noise emissions, thus improving travel comfort. Tramlink will be fully accessible as it has a lower floor, to make it easier for passengers with mobility impairments to board and disembark.

Green turning point for ATMs

The purchase of these trains is part of Atm’s broader investment plan which provides for the renewal of the entire fleet of buses, trams and trolleybuses, with the aim of supporting the company’s and Milan’s ongoing environmental transformation. Since the end of 2021, the circulating green fleet consists of 170 electric buses, 154 hybrid buses and 3 hydrogen buses, to which 30 new “Trollino” trolleybuses have been added, which were already operating at an early date.

ATM’s “Full Electric” plan aims to create a fleet of 1,200 fully electric buses by 2030, which will reduce diesel consumption by 30 million liters per year and carbon dioxide emissions by 75,000 tons per year. A technological and cultural revolution that changes the future of mobility, for an increasingly smart and sustainable city.