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Finishing Monopoly Has the Fit Started?  TELEPASS COMPARISON OF SERVICES AND PRICES WITH UnipolMOVE - Andrea Galeazzi

Finishing Monopoly Has the Fit Started? TELEPASS COMPARISON OF SERVICES AND PRICES WITH UnipolMOVE – Andrea Galeazzi

end of monopoly Telepass arrived and Unipol Move It is taking its first steps in the fees and services sector related to land travel. Will this be the start of an era of competition and therefore better services/lower prices? Today I show you the comparison I made between the two.

Let’s start right the prices:

  • Unipol Comes with 6 months free and then a fee 1 euro/month,
  • Telbepass Suggests the basic offer of 1,26 euros / month, easy a 2 euro per month and Telepass Plus with 6 months free and beyond 2.50 euros / month.

they both haveApplication Both iOS who – which Android And they both offer many other services in addition to paying fees. Let’s see them better.

to any concern Telepass حصيلة toll It covers the entire Italian network as well as Spain, France and Portugal. Unipol For now, it’s only Italy, except for Sicily, but it will arrive.

regarding linked panels On Telepass there are two, with only one Unipol and the second with 0.50 € per month more.

Both allow you to pay Parking area But Telepass has an agreement with about 280 buildings and Unipol still has only 60. Le Strips blue They are left out with the basic Telepass and included in Plus, just as they are included with Unipol, the latter also has a few.

With Telepass there is a possibility premium subordinate expressions Something is missing with Unipol Move.

Both includeC area Milan then there is a whole series of Services are only available with Telepass easy or Plus (so not essential) and not with Unipol:

  • fuel thrust,
  • electric vehicle recharging (including 21,000 poles),
  • pay stamp duty,
  • Pay car wash.
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Unipol and Telepass, only in the Plus version, provide the possibility to implement Payments With Bajuba.

Only Telepass Plus allows payment Skip and services Scooters / bike sharing.

Let’s go ahead to Discounts For different categories:

  • 30% off motorcycles only on Telepass,
  • 20% off both on Pedemontana,
  • 20% discount for passengers on Brebemi only on Telepass,
  • 30% discount for electric cars only on Telepass,
  • Various other discounts on different routes with Telepass are all indicated on the site.

there Cancellation It’s free with Telepass Plus and Unipol Move.

Finally, we enter a world Cashback present only with Telepass:

  • We have the 3rd recharge of electric cars over 4€ that becomes completely free,
  • The third refueling of more than 20 euros is deducted at 10%,
  • The first car wash of the month is free,
  • 1 free public transport ticket per day in Milan and Rome,
  • 60 minutes of sharing bikes and scooters.

These are all offers with a deadline at the moment but are often renewed or new offers appear.

In short, as you understand I was expecting something more From breaking the monopoly and starting the competition. At this moment instead Telepass, Also because of the cashback and the greater number of plans to choose from, it remains the best option for almost all of them in my opinion.