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Nyt: Biden ready to withdraw The White House denies it. US Dems Are Confused With Trump’s Presence


In America, the Democratic Party is in disarray: after a disastrous performance by the outgoing president Joe Biden In his first televised showdown with rival Donald Trump, his re-nomination is at stake in the November election. The memory of his bewildered face and absent-mindedness, not to mention his subdued tone and weak and unintelligible voice, is etched in the memory of millions of American voters. Pressure is mounting hour by hour from those who want to change horses before it’s too late.

First crack at presidential staff

In this film, he is sublime The New York Times To record the first signs of a possible step back. Biden, the newspaper explains, He admitted to one of his associates that he was considering whether or not to continue running for the White House. Biden is said to understand that he may not be able to save his candidacy if he doesn’t convince the public that he can keep the job in the coming days. The reaction from the president’s staff was immediate: Spokesman Andrew Bates declared that the New York Times article was “absolutely false,” effectively denying that Joe Biden was considering dropping out of the presidential race. “This is completely false. We would have said so if The New York Times had given us more than seven minutes to comment,” Bates wrote in X.

While Biden resists, the focus is on a vice president who could never win the support of the establishment and voters. Holds off Biden in an enormously difficult situation Kamala Harris Will he have a better chance of defeating Trump next November? According to a survey conducted for Cnn Among registered voters in the days following the debate, Donald Trump’s advantage over Joe Biden would have risen to 6 points, 43% versus 49%. But if Harris challenges the former president in November, that will drop to two points, from 47% to 45%. The same poll found 56% of Democratic voters believe the party has a better chance of winning with a candidate other than the 81-year-old president. “We want to win, and it’s going to be easier with someone other than Biden,” an aide to the Democratic senator told The Hill. As for Harris’ chances, James Clyburn, one of the leading representatives of the African-American Caucus and a top Biden ally, has already said he would support Harris if the president steps down. African-American Vice President.

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Michelle Obama is the only one capable of defeating Trump

Among possible alternative candidates, the “end of the world” hypothesis stands in the background: raceFormer First Lady Michelle Obama, who has repeatedly said for years that a return to the White House — this time as president and not as wife — was never in her plans or wishes. Opinion polls contribute to fueling rumors about his name: Michael Obama is considered the only possible alternative to Joe Biden among Democrats in the race for the White House, who can defeat Donald Trump.

That’s according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll showing a former first lady would have more advantages than a former president, 50% versus 39%. Among the other Democrats considered by the poll, Vice President Kamala Harris, Trump would beat by one point, 43% to 42%. California Governor Gavin Newsom trailed by 3 points and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer trailed by 5 points. Unlike other polls, this poll does not record Biden’s withdrawal after the debate and describes the fight between Biden and Trump. 40% with both candidates neck and neck.

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