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Cobb 26 and Biden vs. Xi Jinping: "He made a big mistake not to come. The United States wants to lead the world."

Cobb 26 and Biden vs. Xi Jinping: “He made a big mistake not to come. The United States wants to lead the world.”

Xi Jinping He made the fatal mistake of not coming first to the G20 and then to the COP 26″. Joe Biden a Glasgow With the media the last point in the long mission in Europe. Nor did he spare any criticism of the Chinese leader who had abandoned the Roman and Scottish appointments. “China should respect the rules and commitments like everyone else,” Biden said. United States of America They want to return to exercising themselves as a model on a planetary scale: on the fight against climate change, as in all other issues on the table of the international community. “The United States must lead the world and want it”He answered those who asked him about his position Beijing, but also India NS Russia, Designed to curb change. He added: “But I am not worried about a possible armed conflict with China, there is no reason,” repeating how the era of Donald Trump has now ended: “With him we took a step back, and now he will leave America. Again and we will honor his commitments.”

tenant from White House Then he confirmed how in the first two days of the conferenceHe. She Much has been done about the climate, but he admits it still exists “Much to do”. He continued, “We must hurry up and focus on infrastructure, including oil, to be safer, and invest in wind and solar energy, in clean energy,” and appealed to all countries and all leaders to make a special contribution. Now, after great insight in recent days, Biden will have to get back to dealing with events inside his country, with a $1750 billion plan that continues more than 550 billion climate investment still hostage to many members of the union. Congress From the same Democratic Party. The US president said he is optimistic, as well as about the outcome of voting at these hours in Virginia, where voters choose the new governor, but that it is a real national test in light of next year’s midterm elections and the individual referendum. In the early months of Biden’s presidency: “We’ll win,” the president asserted, even if polls speak of a president-to-face with the candidate backed by Donald Trump.

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When asked how these Scottish days have been, Biden responded with a positive opinion. At the press conference, the US president noted the need for a “decade of decisive action” to stop the climate crisis and limit rising temperatures. And to the question of why? United States of America Biden replied that they should take these actions and stick to commitments when others don’t, “because we want to ability to breatheAnd we want to be able to leads the worldAnd again: “If you look at any economy that is growing, they are United States of America. It has problems, mainly due to supply chains and the Covid virus, but it is growing. We’ve created 6 million jobs – and we continue to lead the world as the fastest growing economy. It’s a tough period, but I think there’s a huge opportunity to hit the restart button.”