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New conflict over migrants, French foreign minister: "Meloni's methods are unacceptable. If it continues there will be consequences"

New conflict over migrants, French foreign minister: “Meloni’s methods are unacceptable. If it continues there will be consequences”

It will not decrease Crisis between Rome And Paris The case continued to escalate Ocean VikingNGO ship Sos Mediterranean France for that He provided A. to get off ToulonAn agreement on an automatic mechanism for the redistribution of asylum seekers is pending termination Brussels On June 10, with an invitation to other countriesEuropean union To do the same. In the afternoon, the conflict between Italy and France intensified again. Start another dig Maloney GovernmentAnd against the Prime Minister, it was the French Foreign Minister, Catherine Colonna. In an interview with the newspaper Le Parisien, published last Thursday and published today, the minister expressed “very serious disappointment” to the Italian executive, explaining that “Italy does not respect international law or maritime law.” Colonna points the finger at the president Georgia Meloney. His subsequent statement First available “Speaking on behalf of France” to welcome the Marseille ship, saying “it is France that welcomes the migrants”, is “absolutely contradictory”. Contracts: These methods are unacceptable“. In fact, Colonna underlines, the rule to be implemented is the rule of the nearest port, “and – the French minister repeats – Ocean Winging was close to the Italian coast. But taking stubbornness into account rejection and for the lack of humanity of Italy, we have exceptionally welcomed the ship. I pay tribute to the impulse of solidarity of the other states with which we have consulted: 11 of them have expressed their willingness to welcome immigrants. He continues by observing that “European aid mechanisms and shared work of solidarity effort”. Rome It was “shocking” that immigrants were not welcome. Therefore, Colonna issues a warning to the Italian executive: “If Italy continues this approach, there will be consequences. For our part, we have Suspended The transfer mechanism for migrants from Italy and strengthened restrictions on the Franco-Italian borders. Border siege at Ventimiglia, Ed) Rome must be called to the duty of humanity, hoping that it will understand the message“.

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