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New BMW X3: debut approaching

New BMW X3: debut approaching

The path splits – The first appearance of the fourth generation of BMW X3As confirmed by the above image circulating on various social networking sites. This is the X3 with combustion engines (there will be mild and plug-in hybrids), which will carve a furrow for the first time with the electric iX3: Clar platformwhile the battery model will arrive only at the end of 2025 and will debut in the Neue Klasse architecture, of which the German company previewed the concept. BMW Vision New Class X.

Double Kidney XL – In the photo that appeared on the Internet you can see the new front part BMW X3dominated by the large Grill In the form of a square within which there are traditional vertical bars that “fit” with other diagonal elements: a solution similar to that also adopted by the new BMW Series 1, which was shown just a few days ago (from to know more).

Dual screen – Compared to the current one BMW X3The new generation seems to have a broader path. All of the car’s sheet metal will certainly be changed as well the car body To give the new model a look that is definitely more in keeping with stile One of the latest BMW cars. the Motors These should be 4- and 6-cylinder petrol engines, diesel mild hybrids and plug-in hybrids, the latter with an increased number of kilometers that can be driven in electric mode. The room furniture will also change a lot Interior: It will be made more modern by introducing two displays seamlessly side by side and the almost complete absence of physical buttons to operate the controls.

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