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Need unemployment insurance in the EU

Need unemployment insurance in the EU

(Teleborsa) – “Among the proposals for direct EU interventions for a europeo . care, one of the priorities is European insurance against the The unemployment. The value is twofold: a social scale and an automatic economic stabilizer against external shocks. Another great suggestion is that guidance for someone European minimum wage to support lower wages and promote convergence of national standards.”

So the head of CNEL Tiziano Trio During the work of the symposium on the “European Social Model”, organized by the National Council for European Policies in cooperation with the European Policy Department of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and in cooperation with Rai per il Sociale, on the occasion of the closing of the Portuguese Conference Presidency of the Council of the European Union (1 January – 30 June 2021).

“Certainly, NGEU’s Resources Environmentally and socially sustainable recoveryHe added that support for training in new skills, gender equality and the fight against inequality and poverty are the key points for building a European social model.

Deputy Minister of Economy Laura Castelli He invites us to think of “the need to think of the social as that point of connection between the revolution that Europe is making on such big and important issues asGreen energy or digital transformation and the world that exists today. This point that connects them is the social model we want to build and it is a social model that speaks today to the audience that will decide the future of Europe, a very large component of young people who tell what they want to see tomorrow. And it is not trivial, because no one can build a social model in the future except with those who will have to live in it, who are part of a digital generation. I am confident and I am sure that I The best European models They can improve us, and keep up with the gaps that still exist.”

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Europe is bound by a common social destiny As we have seen during the pandemic, we have touched first hand the limits of economic cohesion alone. The social dimension is not the intention that follows the decisions that are set out in the agreements between the ministers of the economy but the priority, as it appeared during the Portuguese presidency. It is important that at the European level there is some form of a common social safety net,” said the Minister of Labour Andrea Orlando.