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M5S, Saga candidate for mayor of Turin: Elected on Skyvote

M5S, Saga candidate for mayor of Turin: Elected on Skyvote

Valentina Saga, the city council’s current M5S committee chair, is Turin’s mayoral candidate for the 5 star movement. Voting on SkyVote decided that. Saga received 54.24% of the vote, while Andrea Russey, Turin’s city councilor and second candidate for mayor, received 45.76%. The veto was on Facebook to formalize the decision to vote.

Voting took place today from 10 to 22. “This is a testament to how – Grimy – direct democracy is an important component of the M5S. Two wonderful people and respectfully executed their mandate in front of two deserving candidates, in front of two deserving candidates, which of our members’ legislature in Turin will represent the 5 star movement in the next elections Invited to choose “.

“It was one day, it was only a vote exclusively linked to the city of Turin, but it was an important experience for us because we tested this voting tool, which gave us a guarantee of data security and confidentiality and the ability and flexibility to intervene in all situations to assist individual voters in voting. The vision of, “Grimmie added.

“We also conducted a survey for the electorate, resulting in 99% satisfaction with the voting experience. This gives us confidence as to how more votes will be held next. They will be held on more than two days,” he recalled, adding that the next appointment will be on August 2 and 3 when voting on the new law. கூர்ந்தார்.

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“It’s a great step for the movement,” Grimmy concluded, congratulating Valentina Saga and Andrea Rossi on their success, saying “I hope the two can continue this path together as a team and re-establish the M5S government.”

“I am officially the mayoral candidate of the 5 star movement in Turin. I thank everyone who participated in the vote and all those who have given me extraordinary support and support in recent days. It is a great responsibility and commitment that I must face with determination,” he wrote in a post on Fb. “Strong warmth goes to friend and loyal candidate Andrea Russi. I will go down this path with him with all the consultants and activists who have worked at Turin in recent years. Last vote of thanks to the veto cream and this organization, it is flawless. We are leaving tomorrow!”, He concluded.

“Congratulations to Valentina Saga on her decision: she is the mayoral candidate for Turin for the Five Star Movement and the alliance we are forming. And thanks to Andrea Russi for making herself available on this path right now,” said the current mayor of Turin, Ciara Appendino.

“Now – it’s time for all of us to continue to work together for the betterment of our city – continuing Abentino. I hope Valentina can work as a team to get the most out of the results achieved in recent years. Allow. Good luck, Valentina! “.