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NASA's creativity once again photographed the persevering Mars rover

NASA’s creativity once again photographed the persevering Mars rover

As we wrote a few days ago, NASA ingenuity Successfully completed The Twelfth flight that it Mars. This is an unusual result given that this is another planet’s first mission involving the use of a Drone And that they at JPL would have considered three flights an excellent result.

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Now that it’s a file Drone No longer in beta but more operational, it is possible “side by side” (albeit not physically) to chariot perseverance to explore an area South Intermediate. As the rover approaches the area called Citadel To prove the second sample, after the first failed, it was taken in a new photograph.

NASA Rover Creativity Captures Perseverance in Photo

As we know, this is not the first time that a file Drone Capture a file Perseverance in the rover. It has already happened during eleventh flight (Sol 163) and Third flight (Sol 64) and occurred again during Sol 174 (the day of the last flight).


As described earlier, this trip was used to observe the rock structures of the area before rover can reach them. NASA ingenuity He was able to use a shortcut by flying over the dunes in Sittah On the other hand, perseverance cannot cross it safely.


The main task remains that roverat a cost of more than $2 billion) Drone cost $85 million). Also to connect with the Earth, perseverance is prioritized. This includes waiting a few more days before getting high-resolution images of a file Drone.

They have been these days uploaded to the site photo RTE . camera. King in one of these New photos you can see the perseverance approaching the drone area. To see the rover about 300 meters away, you need to download the high-resolution image and look towards the ledge on the right.

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The purpose, as written, was not to photograph the rover. over there RTE . camera Moreover, it is not as sophisticated as those of perseverance but uses a sensor “consumer” Sony IMX214 meticulously from 13 megapixel. Despite everything, it is possible to appreciate both the varied surface of Mars as well as details such as the rover in the distance. Two holograms were also taken that allow geologists to do so “to dive” In seeing Mars to better understand its shape.