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Green Passage is mandatory for more than 3 million workers, but there is conflict over use in company canteens

Green Passage is mandatory for more than 3 million workers, but there is conflict over use in company canteens

Engagement Ringtones on green lane in company canteens. According to the government, which identified the answer, a Instructions (Frequently Asked Questions) Published on the Palazzo Chigi website last August 15, the company’s canteens are equivalent to Restaurants. So only green certificate holders can access it. Some people don’t like tidying up trade unions (Not all of them) who, while saying they support vaccination, do not accept that unvaccinated workers do not have access to the canteen. Yesterday in some companies, unions urged management not to respect government provisions. Even the industrialists – who push for commitment vaccination For all workers – they would like the government to express its opinion on amnse with a clearer explanation of the FAQ even if the text of Legislative Decree 105/2021 already seems clear enough.

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A mandatory green permit for more than 3 million workers

The game at risk is much more than it might seem. In fact, those who choose the “no-vaccination” path away from ideology rather than health needs (doctors do not recommend vaccines for some forms of allergies and other diseases) are not always aware of the legal risks they run. On July 28, for example, the Rome Labor Court wronged a non-corrupt worker who was fired by her employer because, according to the judge, Article 2087 of the Civil Code obligates the employer to ensure the health safety of those who work in his company.

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Where is it valid and where will it be

The fact remains that the green corridor is already valid as of August 6 for access to many indoor spaces: restaurants, gyms, museums, conferences. From 1 September it will also be accessible to long-distance trains, ferries and planes. There is a contradiction in these sectors, and the obligation applies to those who use these services but not to the employees of the structures who work there all day.

The same employees are allowed to check the validity of the green card – only if they want to – as well as the correspondence of the certificate with the customer’s identity documents. In case green pass Wrong, you risk a fine of 400 euros. Even a merchant who checks the account risks fines of up to 1,000 euros.

For whom is it mandatory?

For health facility personnel and school personnel, on the other hand, vaccination is required (or tamper-negative display) to get to work. At school, those who do not present the Green Passport for 5 consecutive days will be suspended from work.

In all, this is 1.9 million health workers and 1.4 million school workers, and therefore more than 3 million people.

It is possible for the government to extend the vaccination obligation to other categories as well, such as all public servants (employees of ministries, local government employees and law enforcement agencies) also because Decree 105 provides for the obligation to green lane Also for public competitions.