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Air pulls "The Democratic Party has very close relations with China."  Brawl in the studio, Morani Speech - TIME

Air pulls “The Democratic Party has very close relations with China.” Brawl in the studio, Morani Speech – TIME

Live clash between Massimo de Manzoni and Alicia Morani at L’Aria che tira Estate. On the August 23 episode of the La7 talk show hosted by Francesco Magnani, a heated argument broke out between the La Verita journalist and the Democratic Party deputy. The spark was set by Di Manzoni’s emphasis on relations between the Democratic Party and China: “Real politics leads to dealing with anyone, we are dealing with Saudi Arabia, with China, with which Mr. Morani’s party has very close relations, starting with Prodi and Conte as well.” Hearing this sentence, Morani is suspicious: “Who do you associate us with?”. The Democratic Party deputy almost closed her eyes, asking her interlocutor to give explanations, which better explain her thoughts: “With China … Prodi who is studying at the university, D’Alema is president of the Foundation … Morani, keep calm, I did not say that you are doing things, I’m taking a picture of what it is.”

Morani tries to intervene again, but the communication is a little turbulent and little of what she says is understood, but her attempt to insert herself into the speech made Di Manzoni angry: “Morani if ​​you learn now and then to let others do you well as a picture, let your image consultant call me , it’s not possible for me to interrupt every time I’m with you. I said something very simple about Prodi and D’Alema, documents in hand.” At this point, Morani is silenced and no longer utters a word.

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