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NASA tests its massive rocket to the moon: mission imminent

NASA tests its massive rocket to the moon: mission imminent

The Artemis program does not stop and continues in the trend of returning man to trample the lunar soil. The next step is to test the massive rocket that will host astronauts on the Moon. A ‘small step’ forward, towards the ever-challenging orb, and then, towards the coveted red planet.

NASA tests its massive rocket

The NASA He does not waste a second preparing for the moon, and as scheduled, he is ready to test his giant rocket that He will bring man back to the moon. It is the month in which engineers and workers in the US space agency will test the rocket in general February 2022. A few weeks separate us from what we can call the opening of the program Artemis.

As always when it comes to space, NASA And the like, the unexpected is about to happen, so it’s good to keep in mind that the launch It can still slip At an unspecified moment between March and April 2022. But in fact, we are now on the verge of running out, and the launch of the new giant rocket that will bring man back to the moon is around the corner. space launch system, This is the name of the space “ship” that was scheduled to make its debut in 2017 with a test launch. The launch was unfortunately postponed due to unspecified technical issues.

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SLS: A rocket the size of a 30-story building

SLS is a rocket of gigantic proportions, comparable in height to a building 30 floors (about 100 metres). Renamed Men’s Transport Capsule Carrying Dimensions Orion Developed by NASA for deep space exploration. February mission – Artemis I – The task will be to test the correct functioning of the rocket, and thus no man or woman on board the spacecraft, but a simple control test. The duration of the first Artemis mission will be 4/6 weeks, depending on the position of the Moon relative to the Earth at the exact moment of launch.

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NASA tests its massive rocket
NASA tests its massive rocket

If all goes well, we’ll go in the direction Artemis II, first mission Crew will be provided on board from SLS. As was the case with the Apollo missions, we will first choose to go into orbit around our satellite without, in fact, landing on Earth. The second mission should be done, which obviously has no date yet around 2023According to rumors and unofficial news leaked from the corridors of NASA.

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The goal of NASA, which recently partnered with SpaceX to build dedicated rockets for the Artemis missions, is to return humans to the Moon by 2024. For many, the deadline is difficult to meet, given delays in the launch system and a lot of work to be done to achieve that goal. .