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NASA: Suspension of procedure for Lucy plate opening

I was suspended there Procedure to Opening One of the round solar panels Lucy investigation. NASA technicians sent orders to open two solar panels aboard the Lucy probe. Only one managed to complete the process. the Damage It was caused by a loss of effort due to a small structure tasked with opening the panels. A recent update from NASA stated that Lucy’s work has not been compromised, and she seems to be providing enough power.

NASA has not ruled out another attempt to prevent the painting, but only at the end of 2024. It will happen during the spacecraft’s second flight to Earth. The Lucy spacecraft is part of NASA’s Discovery Program mission to four Jupiter Trojan asteroids. Lucy’s journey will end between 2025 and 2033. The first encounter will be with asteroid 52246 DonaldJohnson, then with asteroids of point L4 (in 2027-28) and finally with point L5. there The first task on me These orbs. Trojans share the same orbit as a planet, but without the risk of collisions because they orbit the stable L4 and L5 Lagrangian points.