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Lavinia sends her mother abroad

New episodes recorded today men and women.

Classic Throne:

no choice.

Outside Federico with Alice, she dedicates a message to him with a video clip, there was a kiss.

Outdoors with Carola in the snow, they kiss most outdoors.

Maria asks Federico who to dance with, he thinks about it and says Alice, Carola asks him why and says “I feel like doing this” and says “If you tell me I’m cold next time…!”.

Externally Alice Federico told her that he was sorry for his absence, that he did not want to see her cry, in the studio he said that in any case she could be seen there (in the sense that she was interested and there) and she took this step more (because she announces herself more in the letter). Then Maria tells her to “Look outside with Carola” and Federico starts laughing.

Compared to Carola outside, she says it was nice outside and they would meet outside and he says he finally saw Carola calm and not with Handbrake.

Lavinia did not appear abroad with either of them and sent her mother out to the suitors, and the mother asked the suitors more or less how they felt, and Alessio Corvino said he would like to find a meeting point, as the mother told him after saying that a small gesture like a flower would be enough for Lavinia, just as Her father does with her and is somewhat Prince Charming. Even Alessio Campoli is evasive in his answers.

A bouquet of flowers from Lavinia’s father arrived at the studio for her that had fallen in these episodes

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The new tronista made 3 outdoors including one with that boy who had his eye on Roberta de Padua last time, the boy called Andrea. A beautiful exterior where everyone hugs. In the studio, he brings her a bouquet of sunflowers and then Gianni steps in to say “Just like Lavinia’s suitors, they probably did what Andrea did after just one outing”.

On the throne:

Biagio and Carla shut up, and he even took slaps from her outside the study and said he wanted someone quieter.

Gloria and Riccardo: I brought screenshots of a 21-year-old girl who had called Riccardo to comment on the topless photo he posted on Ig, Riccardo went to get the cellphone and gave it to Gianni and practically it was like that I saw that this girl had been writing to him since 2019. This The girl has a private profile, in the messages exchanged with Ricardo she writes to him “Do you want to be my personal trainer?” and he says “I don’t think you need her”, because from the profile picture it was clear she was a pretty girl so I suggested she send him a picture and instead Riccardo told her instead to open the profile so he could see it, in fact he explained in Studio that he didn’t want people to send him pictures in direct messages.

Armando bizarrely defends Ricardo, attacks Gloria saying it’s useless for him to say he has feelings if he then comes to the studio to attack him, Armando accuses Gloria of doing all these things just to get attention in the episode.

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Maria Gloria asked if she wanted to continue the story with Riccardo, she wasted time answering and then Riccardo got angry and said “Since he thinks about it so much, I’m going to wake up”. Once in the seats, Ricciardo reveals that he told Gloria that to show his feelings he told her he would also be willing to leave the programme, Gloria contradicts him and Gianni attacks her saying she should have stood up and kissed him and taken him away. She gets up, goes to hug him and Armando attacks her, saying she didn’t even kiss him. Ricciardo complains that the gesture was induced rather than natural.

One more thing: Gloria complained that he put in his Stories the image of the interview in which he talks about Ida with Shakira’s song in the background. Maria said Ida wanted to come to the studio to answer Riccardo after that interview.

Roberta’s new suitors descended, including one that doubles as Ricky Martin and danced the whole song, and she got pregnant with both of them.

Alessandro and Pamela are at odds, he complains that she works until four in the morning, and she complains that he always goes to parties. Maria asks Alessandro if he wants to continue meeting her, gets past the question, and Pamela becomes impatient and goes to sit.