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Musk takes a step back

Musk takes a step back

Tesla, the huge company this time, took a step back in 2023. Let’s find out what decision Elon Musk made.

Few can boast of the economic and automotive results of Tesla, which over the years has established itself as a real leader in the automotive sector. Especially in light of the eventual shift – in Europe and in various US states – from conventional motors to electric technology.

Tesla takes a step back

In addition to the much-discussed and widely circulated engines in recent years, Tesla is also known for the continuous development of various technologies and innovations. However, in this case, referring to the year 2023 that has almost just begun, we will not be talking about the auto giant in completely futuristic terms. In fact, the latest choice made by the company run by Elon Musk is somewhat attested Step back Which will cause many enthusiasts and insiders to discuss.

Better times will come by 2035

Before delving into the choice made by Elon Musk and his partners, it’s only right to talk about the latest news that involved – or rather invested in – the most popular and famous company ever in terms of electricity. From buying Twitter directly from Elon Musk himself, to the collapse of Tesla shares that raised many concerns in the mind of every shareholder.

It is not an easy period for the American brand, which does not give up and aims to continue its distinguished path that may make it, between now and 2035, the western company – and not only – the first company in general. To do this, it is critical that Musk and his colleagues do not make mistakes. The treasure accumulated over the years must be managed and not squandered. although However, there seem to be some steps backwards by the brand.

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Tesla, a step back for the brand: what it’s all about

The year 2023 has just started a few days ago, and there are already some new features in Tesla’s home. We are referring to the Tesla Model S and Model X, the most popular models of the American manufacturer that have made a series of aesthetic and technical changes; The modified cars in question will also be available in Italy. Tesla has updated its Dual Motor All Wheel Drive variants with the big goal of making them more similar in every way to the high-performance Plaid.

Tesla, back at the wheel in 2023
Tesla, back off the wheel in 2023

The big news – Or even say a step back – He’s at the wheel. In fact, it is worth highlighting Back to the classics rather than the yoke – Optional – which is a really big change. Italian customers will also find a round steering wheel in the standard equipment.

As for the engines, the S and X models are equipped with two permanent magnet motors that provide exceptional performance (maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour). The range is 634 kilometers for the first and 576 kilometers for the second. The Model S will be priced at €115,990, for the Model X €124,990, and both will be available from next March.