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“Big Brother Vibe”, a turmoil between Daniele and Oriana

“Big Brother Vibe”, a turmoil between Daniele and Oriana

The former Tronista does not trust the beautiful Venezuelan and says he wants to live the relationship lightly

“These days I am gentle because I feel it, this is how I want to experience my acquaintances, I cannot forget the special relationship that you had with Antonino Spinalbes …”, explains Danielle Dal Moro. The answer is not long in coming. The Venezuelan beauty does not deny the interest and adds: “Everything you say is true, but I always cared for you differently, I saw that you were different from others.”

But the former tronista is not forgetful, and remembers that in addition to the hairdresser, he notes that the model “also approached other tenants,” including Luca Onestini. Also in this case, Oriana does not deny and adds: “We have only friendship, he is my best friend.” Daniele and Oriana continue to discuss their turbulent relationship: “Now I want to try our relationship with absolute lightness,” concludes Dal Moro.

“I want all the attention on myself,” says the beautiful Venezuelan who hides her shyness under the covers. “I am a possessive person even in friendship,” Marzoli continues, openly declaring her feelings for the influencer. For her part, Daniele is pleased that he likes the idea of ​​getting all this attention and that his partner is showing her jealousy of him.

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