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Multiple sclerosis, regular physical activity reduces mood disorders

Multiple sclerosis, regular physical activity reduces mood disorders

The The benefits of regular physical activity They are not only related to the health of the cardiovascular system, but also extend to the central nervous system, improving the quality of life of MS patients. This protective mechanism will be attributed to the positive effect that exercise has on the immune system. It is the result of research carried out on patients and animal models by the Department of Neurology at Irccs Neuromed of Pozzilli (Is) in collaboration with the University of Tor Vergata, Irccs San Raffaele and Ircccs Fondazione Santa Lucia di Rome.

Published in ‘Neurobiology of Disease’, The study examined 235 patients with multiple sclerosis, analyzing their level of physical activity in the six months prior to diagnosis. “Based on their lifestyle – he says Luana Gilio, the first site on scientific work We divided patients into three groups: sedentary, those who used to do moderate-intensity activities, and those who exercised vigorously. The results showed us statistically significant differences between the three groups in terms of levels of anxiety and depression.”

In addition to clinical observation, the research authors also looked at The level of inflammation in the central nervous system In patients by measuring interleukin 2 levels, the same inflammatory marker was also analyzed in the animal model of multiple sclerosis. “We have seen – says Diego Sentons, Head of the Neurology Unit – that physical exercise is associated with decreased expression of interleukin-2. In practice, physical activity will have an anti-inflammatory effect on the central nervous system and have a positive effect on mood.”

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“We know – continues Gillio – that Neuroinflammation plays an important role in the development of disorders such as anxiety and depression. So this study delivers an important message for prevention: being physically active throughout our lives translates into an advantage for health even when we’re affected by a disease like multiple sclerosis. Future research will aim to evaluate the effects of physical exercise when the disease has a long-term course.”