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Ilary Blasi, prima uscita dopo le rivelazioni di Totti: a teatro per applaudire Eleonora Abbagnato

In the theater to greet Eleonora Abanagato

This is his first official release after his “exit” from the media Francesco Totti. Elari Place, very skinny, dressed in pants and a black blouse, surely catches the eye of the stage in Piazza Binyamino Gigli, where a great dance date is on the agenda. This is it “Evening Preljocajwhich celebrates one of the most creative choreographers on the international scene, Angelen Prillegocac, with two of his creations: “Annonciation” and, for the first time, “Nuit romaine.” Eleonora Abagnato and the guest Friedman Vogelin Dior dresses.

Much curiosity for Plassey, who arrived with a friend. Not seen here recently. It may be a selection part of a new chapter the presenter intends to write. In the meantime, he doesn’t answer any questions while the cheerfulness doesn’t stop, as always. Here is Laura Mattarella, in black, greeted by supervisor Francesco Giamproni. French Ambassador Christian Masset arrives with his wife Helen, Vice Mayor of Rome Silvia Squeezes, Federica Seracci, Maddalena Letta with her niece Paola, and actors Rafaela Bergi and Gabriel Rossi. Exchange of congratulations between Marisella Federici, singer Alma Manera, Special Supervisor Daniela Porro and Professor Giulio Mayra. In black and white, the golden couple formed Rossella Brescia and Luciano Canetto. Gaia Straccamore, the star of Costanzi, shines. There’s Elio and Pira Abagnato, the star’s parents, and Paolo and Rachel Regeni, the husband and daughter of Maria Grazia Chiuri, who signs over a hundred stage costumes.

Darkness in the room. The show begins with “Annonciation”. This is a key moment in Catholic culture, the encounter between the Virgin Mary and Archangel Gabriel. Annalisa Cianci and étoile Rebecca Bianchi, respectively as Archangel and Mary, alternate these days with Federica Maine and Giorgia Calenda. The new creation “Nuit romaine” completes and enriches the appointment. Created by Preljocaj for the Romanian company during the pandemic, it made its debut in April 2022 with the premiere of the film of the same name, as it was shown last August on the occasion of “Opera Cinema” in the theater square. There was thunderous applause at the end of the show. In the dressing rooms, the Palermitan étoile receives Blasi’s compliments. Then a souvenir photo.

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