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Fear Test | What fear have you been able to defeat in your life?

Through this quiz, we will find out what fears you have been able to bravely overcome in the course of your life and how you did it.

We all do on the path of life Harsh experiences and more or less traumatic. Of course, it is not necessarily about great tragedies or great sadness, but also just small experiences that change our relationship with the world.


Learn Managing and overcoming these negative emotional experiences it’s a The emotional work we do throughout our lives.

Of course, this does not mean that we are always aware of this: these are mechanisms of the mind inextricably linked with our unconscious mind.

Even when we’ve had or “give” a bad experience, we inevitably stay special. The most direct consequence of this is that We develop more or less conscious fears.

We fear that some experiences will repeat themselves, that we may suffer as we have already done or more, we also fear that we will not be able to overcome another attack of life.

But what fears have we actually overcome that have made us stronger? It’s time to find out!

Fear Test

To perform this test, you simply have to do it look at the picture that we suggest to you and mentally record them What item did you notice earlier? At this point, all that remains is to read the corresponding profile and learn more about your personality!

Test Concerns

1 – Women’s faces

in this picture There are two absolutely identical and symmetrical faces that do not look at each other Which does not even look to the observer.

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It’s two expressionless woman faces who seem completely uninterested in what is happening around them but also in everything that is in the rest of the picture.

If you are caught first and foremost by these two faces, then this is it Your biggest fear is apathy.

What do you fear more than anything else? Not seen, not loved, not understood as you like.

It certainly can be said Fear of judgment by others She believes that positive judgment makes a person happier and more successful.

Probably over time I got to know that part of you. Did you understand that The judgment of others can do you a lot but also a lot of harm.

Slowly you started to build stronger self-esteem and you taught yourself a very important lesson: You cannot rely solely on seeing others and you cannot try to please others in every way by losing sight of yourself.

2 – Butterfly

Butterfly is a symbol of the brevity of life, but also Paper beauty and fragility.

The butterfly is actually one of the most beautiful and famous animals on our planet, but it is also one of those animals He lives a very short life. The longest-lived species survive only a few weeks, with a maximum of eight months of life. The most fragile live for a few hours at most: hence the popular belief that each butterfly has a maximum of one day of life.

If your attention is drawn to the butterfly, that means it Your biggest fear is that you don’t have time, but also Things are over before you want them to.

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probably tend to Live a life always in a hurry and always in trouble Because you have a very clear conception of it There is so little time, so many things to do and no moment can be wasted.

This has sometimes taken away from you the mental clarity necessary to fully enjoy all the experiences life has in store for us. slowly though You have learned to overcome this fear and have developed a more rational and solid attitude.

Today you are acting more cautiously and trying to do it To keep the fear of things ending Suddenly, like a love affair or a business relationship. I was very brave: very well.

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These tests should be considered as a hobby to explore some aspect of one’s personality. In no way can they replace a correct and complete analysis from a psychological point of view.