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MotoGP 2024. Ducati show from Madonna di Campiglio – Live [VIDEO] – Motor cycles

MotoGP 2024. Ducati show from Madonna di Campiglio – Live [VIDEO] – Motor cycles

sDucati Show – Live

Raw 11,26: Salute to Paolo Ciabati, who stands on stage and is almost moved by Guido Meda's words

Ore 11,15: The new sporting director arrives on stage Mauro Grasselli, Who will replace Paolo Ciabati

Ore 11,12: Batista“A young colleague will arrive. He will push me to continue to be strong. The technical regulations have changed. There are positive things and others that do not suit me, such as the minimum weight. We are working to be at the level.” “Same level as last year. We will try to be as competitive as possible. The arrival of Nicolo, the new regulations, are new incentives but above all I enjoy riding the bike, I feel very good and as long as I have fun…”

Or 11.09: Bulega: “It's great to be here with these beautiful bikes and with these great riders. When I knew that I had to come to Madonna di Campiglio too, I was very happy and I'm enjoying it.” About Bautista: “It will be difficult to have Alvaro in the team. He will always be fast and I will have a lot to learn. I will try to learn and steal the tricks he has to go fast.” On the bike: “This year with these graphics, the bike takes another leap forward, it's very beautiful.”

Raw 11.08: “I need to test the bike design, I missed it last year. I'm healthy and I'm very excited,” Enya added.

Raw 11.06: Bastianini said he felt comfortable with the new bike in the Valencia test. Bagnaya warned of his opponents. Biko about himself: “You have to be calm, by working well you will reach your goal.”

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Raw 11.04: The first visual novelty: the Enea number, 23, is white and not fuchsia like last year. It's more beautiful and clearer in my opinion

Raw 11.03: Here is Pico Bagnaya! The four are riding their motorcycles

Raw 11.03: Here's Bautista

Raw 11,02: Here are the riders, first Bastianini, then Bulega

Ore 11: Here are the bikes! Two MotoGP and two SBK (picture below)

10.56 am: D'Alegna: “You never know what others have managed to do, so on the first day of testing the adrenaline was high. We are happy with what we have done, and we will bring a completely different chassis compared to those used in recent years. In Sepang there will be a pilot rule.”

10.54 am: D'Alegna: “It is important to make the right choices regarding the engine because then it will be closed, and we will have eight engines available for the whole season. We have improved a lot in terms of power but in recent years we have not made much progress. This year we have made a good step from that point of view and it remains “The handling is the way it is, that's why Pico was really happy at the end of the Valencia test” (“Big smile,” he said, editor.)

Ore 10,52: On stage are Gigi D'Alegna and Guido Meda

Raw 10,48: Domenicali talked about the Ducati brand, its successes on the track and the models on sale. Regarding the collaboration with Aldo Drudi, the CEO added: “It is clear that the bikes are red, and the Ducati is red.”

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Raw 10:42: “No team has ever won the MotoGP and SBK World Championships two years in a row, an exceptional result that must now be consolidated,” added Domenicali. Then the CEO pointed out Nice party held in Bolognain December, to celebrate the 2023 season.

Raw 10,39: Here is Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati: Firstly we welcome all those present, both in the room and calling from home. Then a few words about the location, the Madonna di Campiglio whose “beauty, extraordinary place” Ducati shares.

Raw 10,32: Let's go, introduces Barbara Pedrotti

Raw 10: The show starts at 10.30 from Madonna di Campiglio