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Tim-Open Fiber, the agreement will be concluded.  No friction with Kkr

Tim-Open Fiber, the agreement will be concluded. No friction with Kkr

Not interrupted by Kkr. And do not postpone appointments to come to evaluate the single network file. F.Tim and Open Fiber’s commercial agreement will be concluded According to CorCom The agreement should be completed early next week.

As written by Il Messaggero US fund allegedly ‘blocked’ deal for ‘spreading over 100 million’ and then, He would like to postpone everything by linking the agreement itself to the only goal match. But according to CorCom, a couple of days ago, Fibercop’s board of directors hadn’t brought either of those issues to the table.

It seems that the agreement of a commercial nature is easy who – which It will allow Open Fiber to access Fibercop’s infrastructure (Team Wholesale Company which KKr owns a 37.5% stake) taking into account the fact that Enel exit as contributor (50% sold as Macquaire drops 40% stake along with Cdp rising to 60%) It inevitably involves a lack of access to the energy company’s infrastructure – Foundation services, real estate and buildings – To create fiber networks in white areas.

What it looks like to CorCom is that the technical, economic, and completion issues are being worked out in the coming days: Therefore, the nature of negotiations is strictly of a “commercial” type Not related to the expression of interest game Kker gave Tim and ended in a stalemate. no.There will be links of any kind in a single network file also because It will take a long time to finalize the newco Tim-Open Fiber. TheThe goal is to reach a Memorandum of Understanding by April 30thAnd As announced by Tim herself earlier this month. Tim determines, at Consob’s request, that he has signed a confidentiality agreement with Cdp Equity in order to Initial discussions begin on the potential integration of Tim’s network with the Open Fiber Network, of which Cdp Equity owns 60% of the share capital – informed by the telecom company in a memo dated April 2 – the agreement is valid to Negotiations begin with a view to reaching a stipulation of a memorandum of understanding by April 30 (Memorandum of Understanding) aims to Defining the objectives, perimeter, structure, key criteria and evaluation criteria related to the integration project.

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Meanwhile, the reorganization of resources in Tim’s house continues: Stefano Grassi, Executive Vice President of Security, President of Telsy and Director of the Sparkle Board of Directors, will leave the group to embark on a new management path.

Tim and Open Fiber in Telco, Italy on May 3

Fixed and Mobile Ultra Broadband, Telecommunications Roadmap

Investments in new networks are increasing, what are the operators’ plans to fill the gaps? From cities to small municipalities that pass through neighborhoods and peripheral areas. But we will have to deal with bureaucracy, inappropriate regulations, and inadequate staffing. How do you untie the knot? Among the Telco for Italy speakers, Francesco Castelli, Director of Regulatory Strategy and Equivalency for Tim, and Francesco Nuno, Regulatory Director of Open Fiber.

May 3, 2022 – 09:30

Telco is back in Italy! 5G and Ultra Wideband: Where is the country’s digital transformation?

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