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BOOM di CONTAGI, arriva la stretta sulle Feste di Capodanno

Surge infection in Italy, close to New Year’s Eve parties. Updates »

Covid: the spread of infection in Italy, close to the New Year’s Eve parties. Updates

BOOM of CONTAGI, pressure arrives on New Year’s Eve partiesIt’s real Infection boom COVID What is being recorded in Italy and is now in full swing Fourth wave (In the last 24 hours there have been more than 36,000 cases.)
and for holidays Christmas and New Year, where many will gather to celebrate, the government is preparing for new pressure that will be launched in the next few hours.
what is he talking about?

First of all, as confirmed by the newspaper RepublicAnd Mask likely to be mandatory in the fresh air, throughout Italy. a A buffer between the second and third dose It is evaluated Duty to vaccinate. Finally, the government reminds us of this Vaccines remain a tool of defense The best for fighting the virus and its new variant that scientists think is very dangerous.

my biker, At the year-end press conference, it is He appealed to Italians to continue to fortify themselves And anticipate the philosophy of the procedures that will be decided by the control room Thursday 23 December. Aware of the suffering the restrictions have caused among children and youth, the Prime Minister is determined to defend, but do so, the normality that has been achieved. Wants to take all possible precautions.

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