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Months of trial version, final version will be better, word DICE -

Months of trial version, final version will be better, word DICE –

Less than 48 hours after launch Battlefield 2042 BETAMany players have reported various problems and errors online. A few hours ago, DICE intervened in this regard, saying that what users are playing these days is one months construction And that the final version will be better in many ways.

As reported in our Battlefield 2042 beta test, despite the excellent impressions of the combat dynamics, the design of the orbital map and the great freedom of customization offered by specialists, the design proposed by DICE is stuffed with bugs. An impression that all in all aligns with the comments from the community.

However, it is not at all uncommon for a beta to have a still immature structure, and therefore players face problems of various kinds. In this regard, EA Community Manager Adam Freeman, and General Manager of DICE, Oscar Gabrielson, reassured the players, explaining that the client specifically has been working with an outdated version for months, and that at the same time the developers did it. Many improvements Which we will be able to see in the final version of Battlefield 2042.

Our Open Beta was released a few months ago. We have optimized and improved it to be representative of the game, but of course we are making improvements every dayAverma Freeman.

“We’ve made amazing progress in the past few months, including improvements to graphics and stability that weren’t made in the Open Beta. And we want to tell you that in the final weeks leading up to launch, we’ve been making strides and focused To provide a great experience for the players.

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For starters, the Battlefield 2042 open beta is available from yesterday to those who pre-order the game and to EA Play subscribers, while starting tomorrow it will be available to all PlayStation, Xbox and PC players. Here are all the details on how to participate, times and modes available in Battlefield 2042 Open Beta.