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Monolith Soft talks about the future of the series in a letter to fans -

Monolith Soft talks about the future of the series in a letter to fans –

With an email to Japanese players in Xenoblade Chronicles 3Nintendo shared a message from Tetsuya Takahashi, chief manager of Monolith Soft, thanking fans and talking about The future of the seriesrevealing that it is not over yet.

“Thanks to your support, we have released our third Xenoblade title, twelve years after the release of the Wii urinal in 2010. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has been called the top of the entire series so far, and it really is. We at Monolith have put everything in place,” says Takahashi’s message. We planted it for the past twelve years.”

The senior director later clarified that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 concludes the events started by Chapter 1 and thus represents a “breaking point”, but that It’s not the conclusion at all from the series. Takahashi says that players who complete the game and venture into next year’s story DLC, which will be the size of Torna – The Golden Country, will have the tools to imagine what might happen in the future.

“Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is also a stopping point for me. This game is the epilogue of the story that started with the Klaus experience. Although it’s an epilogue, it doesn’t mean the series is over. It’s just a stopping point in my brain. I think anyone who’s played this The title and further expansion stories can imagine what’s next for Xenoblade.”

Takahashi concludes the letter with a recommendation to the players:

“I have a recommendation on how to play Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Some items are tagged with”? Waiting for you “.