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“Money doesn’t make you a gentleman, act like a man.”

“Money doesn’t make you a gentleman, act like a man.”

Alessio Falcone’s cruel attack on Edoardo Sansone, Anita Olivieri’s ex-boyfriend. And it seems the former Big Brother contestant didn’t appreciate the man’s silence over the recent attacks he received from the woman who was his partner for 10 years.

Strong attack from Alessio Falcone towards Edward Sansonher ex-boyfriend Anita Olivieri. Former contestant L Big brotherIn response to a series of questions from followers on Instagram, he pointed the finger at the businessman – who comes from the well-known family that owns the Sanson brand – accusing him of not defending the woman who was his partner for 10 years from the company. Recent attacks reported on social media. What bothered him, in particular, was Eduardo’s decision not to take a stance on rumors of an alleged closeness sought by Anita that Eduardo said he was not interested in.

Words by Alessio Falcone against Edoardo Sansone

Brother, I don’t know you, and I don’t care to know you“, Falcone began on social media.But I say: I was with this girl for 10 years and she allows certain things to be said about her? But do you go and act like the beaten dog on TV? But don’t get angry on social media and say “stop for a minute.” Because money doesn’t make you a gentleman, remember that it takes courage to be a man and act like a serious person. Maybe do it!“.

The story between Alessio Falcone and Anita Olivieri has ended

Alessio’s defense towards Anita and against Eduardo comes as a surprise. In fact, the two announced a few weeks ago that they had broken up. According to recent rumours, after breaking up with Falcone, the former competitor of… Big brother It would have provoked a reconciliation with the former, only to obtain a refusal from the latter. Anita denied these rumours, saying that she never tried to get close to Sanson. On the contrary, she accused him of secretly dating Nicole Murgia for several months, another former contestant of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini.

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