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Le incomprensioni tra Alberto De Pisis e Oriana Marzoli

Misunderstanding between Alberto De Pesces and Oriana Marzoli – VIP older brother

OrianaAnd the After the various discussions we had during the dayWe’ll come back to talk about it Anthony with my dear friend Albert

The boy gives advice to his friend. Antonino is as he sees it: either he accepts it, or he does not recognize it. The hairdresser loves to tease him, he should not be angry, but indulge in his games.

“Do you feel engaged?Alberto asks the model. Oriana replies no and admits she didn’t take it seriously. Sometimes she screams but she’s not really angry.

Anxious to sleep and rest, Alberto gets up to go to bed and, seeing Antonino passing by, urges the hairdresser to stand next to Oriana. The girl gets annoyed, she doesn’t want to be alone with him. He quarreled with Alberto who, according to him, acted in good faith. He didn’t want to cause her any inconvenience, he was simply sorry to leave her without company.

The discussion continues in the bedroom, where Antonino also comes to embrace and console Oriana. Alberto reiterates that he can say whatever he wants and that his intentions were to not leave her alone.

The displaced girl does not know what to say and whispers words of apology. Then she ran to him and gave him a kiss in submission.
Everything is resolved!

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