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€100 bonus for income of €15,000 and €28,000: what to do if you are not sure about the law?

For those with an income of more than 15 thousand euros, the risk of having to repeat complementary treatment is not very low. Here’s what to do.

The Budget Law 2022 brought significant changes with regard to the bonus of 100 euros in paychecks, recognized, until December 31, 2021, with a full measure of income up to 28 thousand and with reduced degrees of income up to 40 thousand euros. What will change in 2022?

€100 bonus 2022

The income limit for which he is entitled to the bonus drops to 15,000 euros, knowing that in order to be entitled to it, the total tax must be higher than the deductions from employment.

For incomes between 15 thousand and 28 thousand euros, the bonus is recognized, again in the range of 1200 euros per year but taking into account that the amount payable may not be full, provided that the sum of the deductions due to the worker (deductions for dependent work, individuals dependent family, deductions for renewals, furniture and environmental bonuses, etc.) are higher than the total tax.

We respond to an reader who wrote to us: Hello, I am a high school teacher, is the bonus no longer due in my January paycheck still there, will it be removed automatically or should I ask for exemption?

What do you do if you are not sure what is right?

Therefore, workers whose income exceeds 15 thousand euros but within 28 thousand euros in no way can be sure in advance of the right to supplementary treatment just as the employer who applies it in the salary slip cannot be sure of this right. How to act in these situations so that you do not have to repay the bonus paid in the settlement if it is not due?

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The question is not ridiculous, since in the best hypotheses you are entitled to a monthly bonus of 100 euros but in the case of a refund all the monthly payments will be requested again in one solution (and being owed 1200 euros is definitely not nice).

The best you can do, if you are not sure, is to ask to pay the bonus only when the balance is paid, that way if the bonus is due, it is paid in one solution if it is not, instead you don’t have to return anything.

In your case, if you think that your income exceeds 28 thousand euros, then ask not to apply the bonus (you can also do this from the application form for deductions from employment and dependent family members that is filled out annually, specifically for this period, for the employer). Even if you are not sure that the deductions due exceed the tax (above all by the fact that the additional treatment due is given by the difference between the deductions and the total tax), it is a good idea to ask your employer for the non-tax applicability of the benefit which will then be settled in the amount of 730 and it will be Pay it only if it is really due.

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