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Miley show, crowd chants against Kirchner and Sanchez – final hour

Miley show, crowd chants against Kirchner and Sanchez – final hour

The show, organized by Argentine President Javier Miley to showcase his latest book, had its hottest moment when nearly 8,000 people flocked to Buenos Aires’ Luna Park on Thursday evening, first chanting for the prison sentences against former President Cristina Kirchner and later singing songs against the president. Spanish Minister Pedro Sanchez.

Two moments when Miley greeted them with a smile of clear relief and then commented on them with sarcasm. Regarding the request to see his main political opponent in prison, the Argentine president said: “I would like to sing with you but I cannot because of the issue of respecting the division of powers.” As his supporters chanted a chorus of insults against the Spanish Prime Minister (“Sánchez is a son of a bitch”), Miley smiled and pointed out the extra hours of work these circumstances would cost him over Foreign Minister Diana Mondino, already in Argentina. Argentina is caught in the middle of a diplomatic crisis with Spain sparked by the incendiary statements. Controversy for the Argentine President in Madrid.

As promised, the show began with a musical performance by Millie, who sang the song “Panic Show” by the group La Renga accompanied by a band, which has now become a real anthem for the Argentine president’s marches.

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