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Microsoft revealed that Xbox Game Pass has reached 34 million subscribers

Microsoft revealed that Xbox Game Pass has reached 34 million subscribers

With a special podcast dedicated to the future of Xbox, Microsoft It also revealed new data related to subscribers Xbox Game Passwhich has now reached a quota 34 million usersThis is according to reports with updated numbers.

This was reported by The Verge, which reported A 36% increase Compared to the last announced data on subscribers to the service, which amounted to 25 million subscribers approximately two years ago. So there has been growth in the net number, although much slower than Microsoft had expected after the initial big boom.

This is the first time that Microsoft has disclosed the data in question in a long time, knowing that the last time was in January 2022. The growth has witnessed Reduced pace But it seems that it is still very large, but it is clear that we are very far from the goals that Microsoft initially set for itself, namely $100 million for 2030 and accelerated growth in the first years.

With basic subscribers or without?

However, there is a fundamental question that dramatically changes the meaning of the score in question: the number also includes its subscribers Basic bass gameOr the previous Xbox Live Gold? Because in this case the total quantity would not generally have increased, but the question is somewhat doubtful.

Considering that in 2022, Xbox Game Pass was at 25 million and another 10 million or so were still subscribed to Xbox Live Gold, the total would show stagnation, but we can't say at the moment how things are going. There is a specific section of Posted on the official blog Which may indicate the fact that core users are excluded from this data.

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Arrival announcement Diablo 4 On Game Pass, Microsoft says “We're excited to share that Diablo 4 will be available to play by 34 million Game Pass subscribers on PC and Xbox starting March 28.”

It is unlikely that the title in question will be included in the catalog of free games for Game Pass Core subscribers, so the data seems to refer to users other than Core users, but we are still waiting for any clarification in this regard. From today's podcast it also emerged that there is already a new console in the works and that some games will also be ported to other consoles.