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MG 3 invades Europe

MG 3 invades Europe

Plug-in hybrid – Renault Clio and Toyota Yaris have a new competitor. The presentation at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show marks the debut of MG 3 (The brand is part of the Chinese Saic group) powered by the eponymous full hybrid engine Hybrid+ (not externally rechargeable) which advertises combined power 194 CV, much more than the competitors mentioned above. According to the manufacturer, the MG3 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 8 seconds, ha Average consumption is 22.7 km/l CO2 emissions are 100g/km. The car is equipped with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 102 hp combined with an electric unit with a capacity of 136 hp. In most driving situations, including acceleration, only the electric motor operates, while the combustion engine only intervenes when necessary or when Drums From 1.83 kWh running out of charge. The motor is connected to It changes Three-speed automatic.

How it works – Hybrid+ system from MG 3 Automatically select from Five modes Of the process. in Eve Only the electric unit drives the car. In the situation seriesThe heat engine acts as power for the generator, which drives the traction electric motor. There is a situation Chain and refillwhich also allows you to recharge the battery and not just start the electric motor, while Driving and shipping The 1.5 petrol engine powers the wheels directly, while the battery is charged via the alternator. When you get into the car CollimatedBoth the internal combustion engine and the electric motor send power directly to the wheels. The driver can also customize the vehicle's responsiveness by choosing between Eco, Standard and Sport.

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Correct measures – the new MG 3which will also be available in Italy starting from May 2024 It replaces the previous generation, which is only available in some European markets, and is more long (411 cm) and wider (180 cm). Height 150 cm and wheelbase 257 cm 293 litres The house is longer Box The most spacious of the B-segment hybrids. It will be available in six different exterior colors (Polar White, Battersea Blue, Dynamic Red, Black Pearl, Commemorative Silver and Hampstead Gray) and with real types of alloy wheels.

There is no shortage of technology – Passenger cabin MG 3 It looks simple but modern. The highlight is the dual display, with the first 7-inch screen hosting the digital instrument panel behind the steering wheel. The center section dedicated to the infotainment system is 10.25 inches in diameter and features improved graphics and responsiveness. Some have been kept Front panel switches On the center console. Smartphone integration via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is offered as standard, as is a six-speaker audio system, four USB ports, rear parking sensors and a camera. The top trim level adds leather upholstery, keyless entry, heated front seats and steering wheel, and a 360-degree camera. The list of systems is long Driving assistance (ADAS), with technologies such as Lane Keep Assist, adaptive cruise control, and forward collision warning.