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Merger of Molise and Abruzzo?  no.  Mastella wants “Molisanio”: “Benevento with Isernia and Campobasso is an important area”

Merger of Molise and Abruzzo? no. Mastella wants “Molisanio”: “Benevento with Isernia and Campobasso is an important area”

“But where are you going, come here, what are you doing…” Rino Gaetano was pop music, and Clemente Mastella, the mayor of Benevento, was undisputed pop music, and seems to be singing Gianna's refrain while addressing nearby Molise, which, after sixty years of autonomy, particularly with the province of Isernia, shows a desire to join Back to 'Abruzzo. The idea you don't like […]

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“But where are you going, come here, what are you doing…” It was pop Renault Gaetanowhich is undoubtedly pop Clemente MastelaMayor Beneventowhich seems to be singing the refrain Gianna He turns to the neighbor MoliseWhich is sixty years later independence Manifested, especially with conservatism IserniaThe desire to Reunion To Abruzzo. The idea of ​​a leader We are from the centerthe historical supporter of “Molisanio“, a new district that would unite a small province of Benevento (“But not everything,” says Mastella) Al Moliseregards Campania regionstep mother“. An old obsession of the former minister, who claims it today in a letter to the President of the Republic Molise areaTo the mayors Campobasso, Isernia H Termoli And to the presidents of the two provinces “for calling on them to reactivate.” Forms of institutional dialogue In order to create the region of Moliseño.” Two years ago, Mastela had already spoken about this matter with the former governor of Molise Donato TomaWhom he met several times: “He was like that suitable“While the new president seems less enthusiastic about the truth,” the mayor of Benevento explains today.

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The echoes of the case led to the establishment of “Molisanio Commission“, which, however, after announcing its birth in April 2022, in an epic tone (“We will face obstacles, but, convinced of our identity, we will continue our project”), does not seem to have made much progress: on the social page, it stops 84 registered (But there are 85 followers), the last post was from that year. Since then, not even politics has been able to make great strides: “Tomas was a supporter – explains Mastella – but he was At the end of the term. I think today it's more about laziness and wanting to leave things as they are to slow down the plan, which in my opinion it is It would be appropriate“.

According to Mastella, it would be appropriate because the two realities are similar: Molise It is a district with a population of 289,000, while the province of Benevento has a population of just over 270,000, and if Molise's precise dimensions bring problems that prompt… (Re)union with Abruzzo Samnium has similar Campaniabeing Smallest area (The city of Benevento has half the population Foregrotta, a district of Naples). In fact, Mastella explains: “The… Demographic data It is almost identical, since today Molise has little opportunity to express its opinion, and it will be the same with Abruzzo, while it will be with us Medium sized area “It consists of cities similar in history, economy and geography, and also shares similar demographic dimensions.” In Mastella's idea, Molise would not be included. San Yu As it is, but it is part of municipalities Valley of HolofernesProvince of Caserta but on the border with Molise, but giving up something “eg area Saint Agatha Digoty (Closer to Caserta) which may face some difficulties.”

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A discussion Mastella would also like to dispute her logicDifferentiated autonomy:”It would create an internal 'macro-district' capable of doing this.” Greater contracting power in the system Bi-state and district Which the republican structure already focuses on, and which with self-government will turn into regional centralization, This is how things seemMolise and Benevento are likely to remain broken, on their respective benchmarks.” The comfort for Sanio lies in particular on political and electoral lines: today Benevento elects 2 regional advisors out of 51 In Campania, it goes without saying that with Molise, the weight of the 270,000 dowries brought by Mastella would be much greater, hence the opposition of most Molise institutions. Former Mayor of Campobasso Roberto Gravina The M5s expressed themselves clearly in this regard by saying: “I doubt whether this expansion of our borders conceals a desire on the part of the Province of Benevento to… Claiming institutional weightMoreover, we know that the province of Benevento has almost the same population as the entire province of Molise, and this would allow it to launch a bid for Molise and the capital.” But in this sense, Mastella today also reassures: “But no, I have always said The capital will remain Campobasso,” and we return to Guyana, Don't take if you don't give.