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“My debt has not grown.” Draghi stunt trick

The situation, dear diners, is this: we find ourselves spending the end of the year 1100 billion. I repeat: 1,100 billion of us, right to left, are all telling us it’s an inevitable expense. pal. This financial, like the previous one, Did not cut the euro in public spending. They didn’t cut anything.

Let’s repeat together: Italian GDP (all our wealth) is 1,700 billion, and Italian public debt is 2,700 billion. How much is public spending? 1100 billion. there is something wrong.

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Imagine that this is your family’s annual report, you will go bankrupt. A family has 1,700 billion wealth and spends 1,100 just for it Son of CretinWell, it’s wrapped. In addition, there are 2,700 billion debts. And we’re still talking App18 here, rewards, and funding a friend of a friend hosting a festival who knows what?

The truth is, we need to stop thinking in percentages. We’ve been here for days saying our GDP is growing by 3-4%. But this is wrong. even the best ever, Mario DraghiHe told you so Public debt did not grow, but it’s completely wrong. The debt did not grow as a percentage, but during Draghi’s tenure, it increased by 140 billion. Do you know how many there are? This is the key point, because at home you don’t think about percentages but about money.

Nicola Borough, December 24, 2022

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